Current Members


Dr Matthew Andrews (postdoc)

Dr Aitor Maestro (postdoc)


Eva Israel (4th year)


Jeremy Brals (3rd year)


Kane Bastick (2nd year)


John Halford-McGuff (2nd year)


Marek Varga (1st year)

Tim Hilton (1st year)


Liam McLean (PDRA 2021, Pharamaron)

Matt Coles (PhD 2021, Pharmaron)

Jamie Fyfe (PDRA 2021, previously PhD 2017, University of Dundee Drug Discovery Unit)

David Cain (PhD 2020, Sygnature Discovery)

Matt West (PhD 2020, Almac)

Eilidh Sood (PhD 2020, University of Strathclyde Postgrad in Teaching)

Monica Gill (PDRA 2019)

Nicola Bell (PDRA 2019, Lab Manager at Cronin Group)

Kirsty Wilson (PhD 2018, NU Centre for Cancer)

Marine Hatit (PhD 2018, PDRA Georgia Institute of Technology with James Dahlman)

John Molloy (PhD 2018, PDRA University of Münster with Ryan Gilmour, Group Leader Max Planck Institute Potsdam)

Chao Xu (PDRA 2018)

Joe Dixon (Industrial PhD 2018, Costello Medical Consulting)

Julia Hyslop (Industrial PhD 2018, Industry)

Carolina Frias (PhD 2018, Industry)

Julien Vantourout (Industrial PhD 2018, Marie Curie PDRA between Prof. Timothy Noël (TU/e) and Prof. Phil Baran (Scripps), Group Leader French National Centre for Scientific Research, Lyon)

Mairi Littleson (PhD 2017, Astrazeneca)

Ciaran Seath (PhD 2017, PDRA Emory University with Nathan Jui, PDRA MacMillan Lab Princeton, incoming Group Leader Scripps Jupiter)

Tom Clohessy (Industrial PhD 2017, GlaxoSmithKline)

Lisa Miller (PhD 2017, Astrazeneca)

Diana Castagne (PhD 2016, Redx Pharma)

Calum Muir (PhD 2016, Redag Crop Protection)

Robert Law (Industrial PhD 2016, GlaxoSmithKline)

Fiona McGonagle (PDRA 2013)

Paloma Engel Garcia (PDRA 2013)

Donna MacMillan (PDRA 2012)