Group Photos

Christmas Meal, December 2021


Christmas Meal, December 2019


Group Photo, October 2019


Group BBQ, Summer 2019

Group Photo, January 2019

Panto, December 2018

Group Xmas Night Out, December 2018 (karaoke not shown…)

Kirsty’s Viva, October 2018


Chao and John Leaving, June 2018


Julien Leaving, March 2018


Group Xmas Night Out, December 2017 (Mini-golf and bowling)


Day Trip to St Andrews, November 2017

The First Double Viva (Ciaran and Mairi), October 2017

Group Trip to Arran (top of Goat Fell), May 2017

Jamie’s Viva, March 2017

Lisa’s Viva

Diana’s Viva, December 2016

Karaoke, 2016

Go-Karting, 2015

Go-Ape, Summer 2015